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Facebook Asked Questions

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Below are a selection of questions that have been asked on Facebook canal related groups that we believe need to be seen by more people.


I moor in London and my boat needs blacking. Is there anyone who can come and do it?


What do you do if someone has untied your boat whilst you've been away and it's floated to the other side of the canal and you cannot reach it?


S.O.S! Hello. I have to move a boat from Walnut Tree (Milton Keynes - Ed) to London on the Thames canal. I need to put the boat in the water. Someone can help me?


Can someone tell me how long my batteries will last if I run two laptops all day?


What is the main difference between living on a wide beam boat compared to living on a narrowboat?


Does mooring next to a tram or train line cause significant pitting to your boats hull?


Why do so many narrowboat holiday companies not hire to single persons or same sex groups? It's the 21st century not the feckin dark ages!


OK, serious question folks. Can a 14 year old sleep on a butty. No engine or open fire, would eat everything on the main boat.


What size Christmas tree is best for a 70' narrowboat?


I want to put up Roman blinds on a narrowboat. Where's the best place?


Best TV aerial for narrowboat reception? Inside or outside?


I've only been living aboard for one week. How long do the geese hang around for?


I have a one year continuous cruiser's licence and have just moved my boat from Derbyshire to the Gloucester and Sharpness canal. Does that mean I do not have to move every 14 days now?


I am fitting a new sink into my narrowboat. Is it OK to put the drain outlet below the waterline to stop getting unsightly marks from the water down the hull?


Do you have to get permission to go Scuba diving in the canals? If Yes, who is the owner of the canals and how do I get permission?


Somehow my 8 year old son dropped his toothbrush into the cassette toilet. I have retrieved it at the elsan point but what should I use to clean it?


We are in the process of buying a boat named Fanny Summers", the previous owner's Gran's name. Would you change it?

and finally, one from 1st April.


I've just bought a squirrel stove but it doesn't seem to put out much heat. I've only tried putting one in, should I put more squirrels in? Initially there's a squeeking noise that dies down, followed by a terrible burning smell.
Would I be better off getting a bubble stove? Radox or Fairy liquid?

This has been a Facebook questions page.
You didn't expect answers as well, did you?