Welcome to the Jannock
Picture Gallery for Beale Park 2003

Please browse through this collection of photographs, taken at the Beale Park GiG during the weekend 15th & 16th August 2003 and the NWF which occurred the following weekend. If you wish to view any picture in greater detail, clicking on the gallery thumbnail will open up a larger copy in a separate window. The text immediately below the picture gives a sort of description.

It should be pointed out that some of these photo's were not taken by the Jannock crew, but we have included them because Jannock and her crew are featured in them.

the BIG BOYS were moored behing us
Final Fling and Parglena moored outside of Arun (Terry Streeter's boat)
Jannock & Uncle Mort play breasting up
Jannock and Uncle Mort try to frighten the Thames cruisers by charging about, breasted up
the Beale Park Watertaxi
How many people can you ship to Beale Park aboard Thorn?
a pair of divers
Simon and Jim diving from Jannock into the Thames
the judges
And the judges scored their efforts
Simon diving
A lovely example of diving from Simon
And I think we ought to go right
Rivet boy
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? no! it's RIVETBOY
© Brenda Keens
Whisper overtakes in the rush for the lock
The GiG bonfire
And in the evening, pallets were sacrificed to the weather gods
the Picnicbus
All aboard for the Mapledurham picnic
heading towards Pangbourne
The Picnic cruise heads towards Pangbourne
Lock queue
The queue for the lock
the lock
And we finally got in the lock
Mapledurham picnic
and we had a picnic at Mapledurham Mill
nb Draco was looking glorious bedecked in flowers.
nb Draco looked splendid with a magnificent flower display on the roof
The Devizes Majorwrecks
An original arena display was provided by the Devizes Majorwrecks. They certainly earnt their fee.
the Cutweb flotilla
Three of the four rows of boats that comprised the NWF cutweb flotilla
Brenda's cartoon
Brenda had to modify a picture to create a cartoon for the NWF daily newsheet.